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When choosing wood for your floor you will want to select the species of wood
you desire by the grain, cut and hardness. Belfondo will color treat and finish the
floor with your treatment selections.

Selecting the grade of wood is important for the facial appearance that you prefer.
By looking at the grain pattern of the way the wood was cut from the log itself will
help achieve the aesthetics that you desire for your floor.

You'll want to choose the cut of the wood to acquire the facial appearance.

has a greater variation in grain pattern.

has a uniform grain pattern with ray flecks.

has a relatively uniform grain pattern.

After selecting the cut of wood you want to choose the grade of wood.

wood will have more variations in natural marks such as knots,
streaking and wider color variations in each board.

Select or Better
wood will have less variations of natural marks and color
than character.

wood will have less variation of character and clear and more
uniform appearance.