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This is a sample of our standard color treatments. We will customize a color for you as well.  Just bring in a sample of an item or picture of the color you desire and we will match it. Or bring in your decorating color scheme and we can custom blend a color to complement it.  After you have chosen your wood species with your desired wood grain and cut we can provide samples for you.

BF101 BF110 BF134 BF135
BF116 BF126 BF112 BF127
BF132 BF128 BF114 BF125
BF130 BF131 BF119 BF129
BF117 BF102 BF124 BF104
BF133 BF118 BF111 BF121
BF115 BF108 BF103 BF105
BF122 BF120 BF106 BF107
BF109 BF113 BF123